4 Reasons To Get Your Associates Degree Before Going To A Four-Year University

Whether you'll graduate from high school this year or you have been working for decades and are ready to go back to school for a degree, there are several benefits to choosing a two-year college for your associate's degree instead of jumping right into a four-year degree.

Save Money

Most two-year colleges cost significantly less than their four-year counterparts. However, they still offer quality education, the general credits you will need to transfer to a four-year university, and much of the campus lifestyle four-year universities offer. Additionally, many two-year colleges offer local, state, and federal scholarships that can help you pay for your education without taking out large loans. 

Ease Into College Life

College can be a very different experience than high school, and if you've taken time off from school to work, returning to academia can be difficult. Two-year colleges often have smaller campuses with more resources to help students adjust to college life. This can be less overwhelming than four-year universities, allowing you to build the necessary study habits to go on to a four-year university in the future. 

Have More Class Flexibility 

Many students at two-year colleges are part-time students with other life obligations such as family and work. Because of this, two-year colleges tend to offer a wide variety of class schedules including more night classes, weekend classes, and short-term classes than four-year universities. This can allow you to continue your personal and professional life while pursuing your education. 

Get Credit for Your Work

Even if you plan to continue to a four-year university, a two-year college can be a great option because you can get a two-year associate's degree before transferring. This means that you will have an actual degree to show for your effort, allowing you to take a break after your first two years. Additionally, an associate's degree can help you get a better job if you need to work while you finish your four-year degree. Most universities do not offer an associate's degree, even if you have earned the proper credits for one. 

If you plan to continue your education, you should make sure you understand all the options available to you. Two-year colleges can be a good way to get a degree and enter the workforce or continue on to a four-year degree. They offer support, flexibility, and a fun campus that can give you a positive college experience. Look into colleges near you to begin your education.

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