Higher Education & Military Service: An Impossible Combination?

Taking classes and studying for a college degree can take large amounts of time and dedication. Serving in the United States Military also requires your time and dedication, no matter what role you play in the service. The intense focus that both of these tasks require can make it feel impossible to complete them at the same time. Many American adults feel as if they have to choose to pursue a college degree or serve in the Military; almost as if they can only pursue one of these avenues. 

Online Access 

Thanks to the recent advances in online education due to Covid-19, members of the United States Military can in fact pursue a college degree from almost anywhere in the world. Online colleges have become popular for students needing flexible hours and distance learning opportunities. If you are required to follow a strict schedule during the day, simply log on to your online college when you have a few spare minutes at night. Many of these online universities feature online classes that allow you to work at your own pace. This self-monitoring can be very convenient for those who would like to earn a college degree while following a busy schedule. The ability to focus on your pace and your own deadlines will help you feel more in control of your education as you work towards a college degree while serving in the United States Military.

Benefits of Online Learning

Another bonus of online learning is the cost. Online learning is typically much more affordable when compared to a traditional university. Traditional universities charge high costs for tuition even if you are taking online courses. Online universities for members of the United States Military are designed uniquely, making them more affordable. These online universities do not need to pay for campus maintenance or campus events because they are strictly online. Many of these online universities supply online textbooks that are included with the cost of the course, which means you will not have to visit a physical bookstore and spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks. 


Being a member of the United States Military and having the desire to earn a college degree should not be seen as events that cannot occur at the same time. Fortunately, this idea is absolutely not true. The accessibility and affordability of online universities are creating more opportunities for members of the Military to obtain a college degree than ever before. 

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